McDonalds Goes Green…?

North Carolina´s 1st ´Green´ McDonalds!

North Carolina´s first green McDonalds has now officially opened its doors in Cary, N.C, making it only the third of its kind in the US to be built using eco-friendly materials and technologies. The first green McDonalds opened in 2005 in Savannah, Georgia whilst the second opened last year in Chicago.

What Makes This McDonald´s Green You Ask…?

  • LED lighting fixtures, Solatubes and high-efficiency kitchen equipment
  • Water-efficient restroom and kitchen fixtures
  • Table and décor walls incorporating rapidly renewable materials like sunflower seed board, wheat board, bamboo and kirei board
  • Building materials that feature a high recycled content
  • Drought tolerant landscape plants with no permanent irrigation system
  • Targeted for LEED-certification by the U.S. Green Building Council
  • Educational touch-screen (Energy Efficiency Education Dashboard) in dining area informing guests about the economic and environmental benefits of the building, including local transportation information about pedestrian and bicycle paths as well as a green quiz to test users’ knowledge of the restaurant

Hopefully SA will see their very own green McD´s soon!

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