REN – Skincare As It Should Be

On a recent eco beauty product scout around my local Woolies, I noticed that they stock REN´s irresistable range of skincare, bath and body products for men and women. What we love about REN is that their products combine luxury with cutting-edge formulations simply presented in simple, cylindrical, recyclable packaging.

REN´s products are free of sulphates and petrochemicals and therefore wont dry out your skin. They also use the latest hi-tech bio actives, are totally free from skin-unfriendly synthetic ingredients and have a strict no animal testing policy.

REN can certainly compete with the La Mers and La Prairies out there but has the added benefit of 5 ethical principles:

  1. Right ingredients
  2. Right Science
  3. Right Product Experience
  4. Right Environmental Impact
  5. Right Attitude

liveeco Hero product:
Moroccan Rose Otto ultra nourishing body oil

The liveeco team

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