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The Green Mobile Revolution

It would appear that green guilt is spreading in the mobile phone industry. We recently told you about Motorola´s new eco phone made from recycled water bottles, well now Samsung, LG and most recently Sony Ericsson have all released eco mobile phones.

The Sony Ericsson Naite is part of Sony´s Ericsson´s new Greenheart eco range. The Naite is an eco-friendly candybar phone that is made from recycled and recyclable materials. The phone features a QVGA display, an HSPA connectivity, stereo Bluetooth, a 2MP shooter, and a MicroSD card support (up to 8GB). It’s made from 50% plastics, has a charger that won’t eat up juice as fast as regular power providers and even has a 15% lower carbon footprint compared to other Sony Ericsson phones. And includes cool green gadgets such as the Green Calculator for working out your carbon footprint and quiz for showing you why protecting water supplies is good.

In an attempt to help consumers be more eco-friendly, Samsung has come up with the Samsung Blue Earth, a pebble-shaped, solar-powered touchscreen phone. The Blue Earth is free from harmful substances such as beryllium and phthalates, and is made out of recycled water bottles. On the back of the Samsung Blue Earth, you’ll find a solar panel designed to harness the sun’s energy and pump it into the phone’s battery. To add to the Samsung Blue Earth’s green credentials, there’s easy access to controls for screen brightness and backlight duration, as well as an energy-efficient Bluetooth mode, so that you can save power. It even features an ‘eco walk’ function that uses a built-in pedometer to show you by how much walking, instead of driving, reduces CO2 emissions.

LG has released The Pop which is also able to charge its battery via the sun´s rays. LG have made their mobile phones environmentally friendly by substituting harmful materials with healthier alternatives and increasing energy efficiency and recyclability. At present, no lead, cadmium, and other EU RoHS materials are used in the production of LG mobile phones. The use of nickel is also banned due to the risk of skin irritation. Halogen substances have now been removed from all parts that are used in the housing, packaging, and the main PCB, and on-going research is being conducted into making the PVC used in cables more eco-friendly. In an attempt to improve energy efficiency, standby power has been reduced in mobile phone chargers, and handsets currently on the market have a charger reminder feature that Notifies (beeps and displays a message) the user when the handset is fully charged.

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