Green Threads

“We are all responsible. We all must be a part of the solution”.

Now here´s a label the liveeco team absolutely LOVES! LIV GRN´s line is perfect for travelling, lazy Sundays around the house, working out or walking the dogs. The line keeps you looking hip while still being respectful of the planet´s resources. LIV GRN lives at the confluence of fashion and eco-awareness. All garments use the finest 100% organic cotton yarns, all woven labels are 100% organic cotton, all hang tags are made from 100% recycled paper and all garments are made in the USA.

The loungy collection is made up of loose tanks, comfy shorts and sweats and hip hoodies – all with a touch of bright neon. Perfect attire for this season´s sportswear trend. The collection draws inspiration from the modern-day eco enthusiast, creating a look that is both sexy and carefree, with an edge of sophistication.

The LIV GRN statement is printed somewhere on every piece in the 100% organic cotton collection – a constant reminder of the line´s ecological approach.

Why we love LIV GRN: 10% of every sale is donated to Global Green, one of the world´s largest and most recognised green charities. Global Green is spearheaded by Leonardo DiCaprio, Cameron Diaz and Brad Pitt.

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The liveeco team

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