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´Rescued´ Threads

Doucette Duvall was launched on Valentines Day 2005 by neighbours in NYC´s Little Italy, Stephanie Doucette and Annebet Duvall.

Doucette Duvall practices environmental and social responsibility by manufacturing the entire collection, which is made up of dresses and coats from ´rescued´ materials, in New York City´s historic garment district. The collections are produced using pre-existing fabric and trim, shunning extraneous garment bags and hang tags, and shipping in recycled boxes only. Look for the “little green dress” in each collection as a reminder of their commitment to Madame Earth. A portion of the proceeds from the lgd are donated to the non-profit group, Build it Green, who share a similar reuse ideal.

70% of materials used are being re-used or ´rescued´. The Doucettle Duvall customer is an eco chic gal who is not afraid to mix her patterns/prints/textures in a freshly unique way.


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