Zero Air Pollution

What’s better than a killer electric car, streamlined in a way that no sedan could ever compare?

One that gets you a tax credit, of course, well if you live in the U.S. anyway.

The ZAP Alias Electric Car is a 100% plug-in 2-seater that combines style and savings all in one – for you and the environment. They look almost futuristic (anyone remember those 3-wheeler cars in Mr Bean…?), with a kitschy cruiser that will be the most sustainable set of wheels you have (other than your bicycle).

The Company

ZAP stands for Zero Air Pollution, a clever acronym that describes their company’s goal: to be a leading brand of advanced tech vehicles. They offer cars, trucks, scooters, and ATVs. And if you’re a pure cyclist at heart? ZAP has you covered – they also manufacture electric bike kits, giving your bike the extra, er, “zap”, of energy to bring you up to about 15 miles per hour, without using your man power. This saving solution enables you to take your bike to work before the big meeting, without having to change your shirt when you get there.

The Credit

When President Obama signed the Stimulus Act in February, it came along with the deal that buyers of ZAP cars and trucks receive a 10% tax credit, up to $2,500. This applies to the Xebra sedan (MSRP $11,700) and truck (MSRP $12,500) ,the Shuttle (MSRP $14,700) and the XL Truck (MSRP $14,500). You can sign up for them now, but so far, they aren’t effective til next January, but ZAP is on the case.

The Conclusion

Credit aside, ZAP vehicles are well-priced, and won’t hurt your wallet after the purchase either. You’ll save gas, save money, save time, help the economy, and give a little back to the environment. Oh, and you’ll look really cool.

Source: The Swish Life

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