Upcycled Fashion by Ecoist Makes it to the Big Screen in Hollywood

No one knows fashion like the ladies of Sex and the City 2. No one knows eco-fashion like Ecoist makers of the original recycled candy wrapper handbag; the combination is tremendous. In the film, Ecoist’s Silver Mega ($178), is worn by Samantha Jones (actress Kim Cattrall), proving that upcycled fashion has reached the top echelon of celebrity style.

Ecoist environmentally friendly bags are handcrafted from upcycled candy wrappers, soda labels, magazines, and other waste-bound materials. Ecoist collects these materials through its partnerships with major brands like Disney, Coca-Cola, Frito-Lay, and Mars and creates limited collection and one-of-a-kind handbags. Since 2004, Ecoist has saved more than 15 million candy wrappers from landfill. More than turning waste into must own handbags, Ecoist plants a tree for every handbag sold.

We chose the Silver Mega because of its very modern, the proportion is perfect, it went great with her look…it’s got a very glamorous look, day glamour,” said Danny Santiago, Sex and the City’s stylist.

Just like the stylish women of Sex and the City, Ecoist handbags are trendsetters of eco-fashion, having our handbag chosen only confirms Ecoist’s commitment to creating handbags that are high-style while low-impact,” said Ecoist co-founder Jonathan Marcoschamer. Eye-catching, functional and durable, Ecoist never makes women choose between being in fashion and being environmentally responsible.

Available in three distinct patterns, including Ecoist’s signature Confetti, The Mega is the ultimate handbag for summer. Whether spending time with your favorite gals pals close to home or jetting off to exotic locales, The Mega mixes glamour with practicality for the perfect fashion companion. The Mega is available for purchase at www.ecoist.com.

And if you needed any more convincing, as part of its commitment to environmental restoration, Ecoist plants a tree for every handbag sold.

Source: PR Web


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