Eco Fashion Hits Project Runway

One Day You´re In and the Next Day You´re Out…

Well lets hope it´s not that way for this ethical designer. The hit fashion design show and one of my fave´s, Project Runway, has featured designers of every ilk, but this season it looks like we’ll get a perspective that’s been missing on past seasons: eco-friendly fashion. Green designer Gretchen Jones, whose MothLove line uses organic cotton and silk and some soy, pencil and bamboo fibers is joining this season of Project Runway, which premiered last week in the U.S.

The Portland, Oregon-based designer hopes to create eco-friendly, ethical clothing that sells to a large market: “I’m a green designer because of my own ethics and my own concerns, but if you don’t have a strong product, it doesn’t matter what your social and ethical practices are […] For the green movement to move forward, we have to create products that are worthy of everybody’s attention and interest and dollar.”

We haven’t even seen the show yet, and she’s already our favorite contestant. We can’t wait to see what her designs will look like on the show (will organic silk fit her challenge budgets?!). Unfortunately fellow South African´s we´ll have to wait a little while until we see this season as we are still a season behind our brothers and sisters up North.


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