Updated SASSI list out now

A new SASSI list has been published, click here to download the new list. Once downloaded you can cut it out and keep it in your purse for future reference when dining out or when purchasing fish at the supermarket or even the harbour.

The new list has assessed over 100 species, not only those from within South Africa but also includes imported species, the various fishing methods and aquaculture species. The colour categories remain the same (green, orange and red), but the red category now includes both illegal and the most unsustainable options. SASSI advises consumers to steer well clear of any of the red-listed species.

The new SASSI list is slightly more complicated and contains a lot more information than the previous one. The new list further separates species depending on how and where they are caught, for example a kob caught in the linefishery may be Orange-listed while a kob caught in the inshore trawl fishery may be Red-listed. This may cause confusion initially but in order to help consumers make sustainable choices, this level of information is necessary. Remember the more questions you ask about your seafood, the more your seafood suppliers will realise that they need to get onboard and make the necessary changes to ensure that the industry operates as sustainably as possible.

So keep a watchful eye out when buying your fish as most of you know there has been lots of mislabelling of fish going on in SA. So always use your SASSI list as a reference, ask a lot of questions and try only eat fish from the green list.


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