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Leblas is a fine jewellery boutique combining traditional techniques with modern design and sustainable practices. They are committed to sourcing the finest materials mined and created only through sustainable practices.

Leblas exclusively uses 100% recycled gold, silver and platinum, sourced specifically from a carefully selected single refinery.

Recycled metals

Gold, platinum and silver have qualities that mean they are durable and hardy and therefore most of the gold ever mined still exists above ground. Recycled gold supports 23% of the global annual gold demand. Jewellery manufacturers widely use recycled metals to support the demand of the jewellery market, melting together new and old metals from multiple sources.


Leblas sources diamonds from trusted suppliers. Where possible they obtain Canadian stones as a diamond extracted from the Canadian mines and cut at an identified and assessed establishment, follows a true transparent route.

Where Canadian diamonds are unobtainable, their stones are always Kimberly certified.

liveeco loves that Leblas uses recycled paper as well as biodegradable inks and paper certified by the Forest Stewardship Council wherever possible.

Proof that ethical can be beautiful!

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