Eco-friendliness and the Fashion Trends for 2011

Written by: Giulia Simolo

Ensure you’re armed with a red-pink hue (otherwise known as honeysuckle) this year because that is set to be one of the main colour players in fashion trends for 2011. But there are other fashion trends to incorporate in your closet. We give you a rundown and show how eco-friendly fashion is making a statement.

Colour forecast

Besides for the red-pink hue, there are other bright colours that are all about being more connected to the earth. Think warm tones such as reds, burnt orange, brown, green, gold and jewel tones. Colour trends are also focusing on the eco-friendly motto of sustainability.

Textile giant Lenzing has used the term ‘sustainable future‘ to describe the fall and winter 2011 colour fashion trends. Lenzing has listed categories for fashion trend colours, such as Puritan, rugged, exotic and reflection. Puritan shades are sophisticated and feminine; rugged colours are warm and cold tones which reveal the merging of urban and organic; exotic colours are about expression – they add a splash to outfits; and reflection are light and reflective. The Lenzing fashion trend has reported that words such as warmth, caring, reassuring and thoughtfulness are some fashion mottos to keep in mind when shopping for clothing in 2011.

An example of above-mentioned colour charts can be seen in the hues that have been hitting the runway, such as Jenni Kayne’s spring 2011 collection which revealed desert-inspired colours or Rebecca Minkoff’s neutral shades that are set to be big this year.

Denim makes a comeback

Denim is making a comeback but don’t limit your denim quotient to various jeans that make you look good. Spring fashion shows in Milan, New York, Paris and London have taken denim one step further by revealing denim dresses, tunics and skirts that are going to be making  a splash in 2011. What’s great about denim versatility is that it enables you to recycle old denims into a more fashionable item! When you’re tired of that pair of jeans, you can turn them into shorts, or a skirt. The eco-friendly trend works well here, with recycling of clothing.

The surprising trend: White-hot shoes

White shoes have been seen as a big trend on spring runways, and they’re being combined with dark pants for a crisp, interesting look. White shoes can be very trendy for daily wear, but don’t assume you should pair them with pastel or too-feminine outfits because doing this could result in the look being a little too school-girly. Rather team white shoes with dark skinny jeans, metallic colours and rusty tones for a glam rock-ish image.

Military magic

You’ve probably already seen the navy-inspired accessories that have gently been filtering into our style conscious, but now trends for 2011 bring on more pronounced navy fashion. Think cropped military-style jackets, tapered military pants and boots. Military-inspired items are also eco-friendly because they provide year-long wear and are very versatile with other items in your closet. The colours to wear with this trend include olive, grey and taupe. However, for a sailor-inspired look, bring in some red. It is the colour of the year, after all!

Mix and matching is a huge trend that has eco-friendliness in its essence, so don’t be afraid to shake things up.

Green loving

According to Bronwyn Williams, assistant fashion editor of global fashion magazine Lucire, we are already seeing a rise of eco-trends and there has been an increase in the use of organic cotton, bamboo and other sustainable textiles in clothing manufacturing. But 2011 is going to see more of this trend, with the development of sustainable fabrics and a sophistication of eco-clothing design arriving on the scene.

It’s great to know that eco-friendliness is still going strong in fashion, with recycled hemp, organic cotton, soy jerseys and peace silk (processed from cocoons without killing the pupae inside) making appearances in Spring/Summer collections for 2011. The Auralis collection was a great example – the models wowed the New York fashion week runway with fabulous Puerto Rican flair, getting the message across that you can be stylish and green-loving.

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