The Eco-Logical Awards

Empowering Ethical Consumers

Enviropaedia together with the Green Expo will be hosting The Eco-Logical Awards at the Cape Town International Convention Centre on November 19, 2011.

The Eco-Logic Awards have been created with one primary objective – to enable and assist the consumer to participate in looking after our Planet, through the conscious use of their consumer spending power.

Every product or service purchased by a consumer has an environmental impact! We will encourage and enable the consumer to look for and purchase products and services that have been produced with most care for and least damage to the Earth and its eco-systems.

These Awards, initiated by the Enviropaedia and judged by a panel of highly respected, environmentally aware individuals, will investigate a range of products, services and organisations with a view to recognising and rewarding those that have been produced in an eco-logical manner. The finalists will show that they

  • Are considerate and caring of our Planet and its eco-systems 
  • Conserve and preserve the Earths natural resources.
  • Minimise waste, pollution or harm to people or planet in any way

The Eco-Logic Awards:

Eco-Logical Products and Services of the Year that result in:

  • Water saving
  • Energy saving
  • Eco-logically improved Transport

The Recycling Award – for a policy, programme or project that has demonstrably contributed to a greater public understanding and participation in waste reduction and recycling.
The Biodiversity Award – Awarded to an organisation for a successful biodiversity protection, rehabilitation or damage mitigation programme.
The  Climate Change Award – Awarded to an organisation that has achieved a substantial reduction in Greenhouse Gas emissions.

Eco-Logical Individuals

Youth Award – for an individual under 25 years of age who can show that their actions have protected, preserved or improved the Earths eco-systems and natural resources.
Eco-Angel Award – for an individual, whose actions have conserved, nurtured or restored the Earths life forms, eco-systems or natural resources.
Eco-Warrior Award – for an individual, whose actions have defended, protected or prevented damage to the Earths life forms, eco-systems or natural resources.
Lifetime Achievement Award – for an individual who has, consistently throughout their lifetime, contributed significantly to the protection and preservation of the Earths life forms, eco-systems or natural resources.

To enter the awards please contact Laura Barker on +27 861 000 810 or email her on


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