Fairtrade trendsets at this year´s "Taste of Cape Town" Festival

The finest and most stylish food event of the mother city will host an eighteen meter square area dedicated to Fairtrade wines this year. The massive Fairtrade Wines Square aims to set a trend for the South African beverage industry, showing how good wine can be synonym with sustainability and social upliftment. Participating brands are the well known Fairhills, Stellar Organics and Thandi along with the emerging Fairtrade brands Six Hats (Citrusdal Wines) and Five’s Reserve (Van Loveren). All wines are locally produced and carry the Fairtrade label, which assures that they were produced and traded according to the internationally recognised Fairtrade standards.

Fairtrade is the most trusted ethical certification system in the world. Fairtrade standards aim to tackle poverty and empower farming communities by ensuring better working and living conditions and providing them with additional income to invest in education, training and improvement of local infrastructure. In addition, Fairtrade certified farms have to implement environmentally friendly practices in order to ensure production is sustainable.

Products that are both high in quality and are socially and environmentally responsible are appearing more and more at festivals and on shop shelves world-wide and South Africa is no different. “Participating to the Taste of Cape Town will give our Fairtrade wines the opportunity to speak directly to local consumers,” says Mr Boudewijn Goossens, executive director of Fairtrade Label South Africa, “South Africans are increasingly demanding for ethical and socially conscious products and the Fairtrade label guarantees this.”

After a glass of Fairtrade wine, the festival goers will also be able to enjoy a Fairtrade espresso at the Bean There Coffee Company stand. Bean There is an experienced Taste of Cape Town exhibitor and offers high quality, single origin and fairly traded coffee from East Africa.

Be part of this trend and make sure you join us in sipping some Fairtrade wine or coffee at this year’s Taste of Cape Town festival.

Taste of Cape Town will be held this weekend, 5 – 8 May 2011, at the Greenpoint Cricket Club.


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