Add some green to your holidays

Written by: By Giulia Simolo

When the holidays arrive, chances are you sigh in worry about what will happen when your kids are at home more often. Chances are eco-friendly living will be shoved aside in favour of having fun. But this doesn’t have to be the case. Whether your family is staying home or traveling a bit for the holidays, you can stay green!

Find new planet friendly activities

It’s not always easy to make your children feel zest for life, especially if all they want to do is stay indoors. But try to get their attention away from the computer and TV by coming up with fun outdoor activities to tickle their interest. Why not buy some soccer balls or tennis rackets and organise a fun winter tournament for them and their friends? Or set up a fun treasure hunt in the garden where you hide special eco-friendly surprises for them to find and enjoy. Show them that winter can be fun – and green. What counts in your favour is that we’re blessed with gorgeous sunshine all through the cold months. Let them enjoy picnics, go to the zoo to see the animals, or enjoy some interesting reads. Another idea is to spend time taking walks through nature together. This is a great way to have some time to bond with your kids without the incessant ringing of phones or instant messaging beeps to interrupt you.

Green holidays away from home

If you’re getting the chance to score a getaway with your kids, there are ways to make your time away eco-friendly. Bear in mind that a billion tourists are zigzagging across the globe every year! So it’s up to you to try to minimise your impact on the environmental resources in the country you’re staying as much as possible.

Book yourself into an eco-friendly hotel

Just because you have to travel to get to your holiday destination, it doesn’t mean you can’t decrease your carbon footprint. Try to find a great holiday spot that doesn’t require any air travel. Why not book a stay at an eco-friendly hotel that’s within driving distance from your house?

Fly green!

If you are going to be requiring air travel, try to book flights with an airline that recycles waste which occurs during serving of food and beverages. For example, British Airways is an airline that has a strong environmental focus. Also try to book direct flights as this makes more sense with your green lifestyle.

Make your stay green

Even if you’re not staying in an eco-friendly hotel, there are ways to make your stay as green as possible. For instance, try to have short showers; when you leave the hotel room make sure that you switch off appliances, air conditioning and lights. Also try to bring your own toiletries with you instead of using what the hotel provides. When it comes to transport, though, using what the hotel provides is your best bet instead of getting a rental car. Traveling in groups to and from the hotel is also a great way to lower carbon emissions.

Travel with love

When checking out the sites at your beautiful destination, show some care for the planet. Never leave any waste when hiking or exploring the area. Always treat the area you’re visiting with care and respect. Try to buy local products and gifts for loved ones back home as these help to support the local industry in the area you’re staying. Walk as much as possible! Not only is this a great way to prevent CO2 emissions, but it’s also a wonderful way to explore the sights as a family.

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