Green your girls’ night out!

Written by: Giulia Simolo

When you’ve rounded up your best girl friends and are preparing for a fun night on the town with them, be sure to bear in mind some eco-friendly tips so you paint the town green!

Green is in fashion

Your eco-friendly night out can start even before you leave your home to meet your friends. Think about wearing eco-friendly clothing, such as that gorgeous vintage dress you own, a stunning pair of boots you found at a second-hand store, or a purse that’s made out of recycled material. If you want to take it one step further, suggest to your friends that you all wear something eco-friendly. If some of your friends don’t own green clothing, why not try a clothes swap of your favourite ensembles so that you recycle your clothing for the night? This can be a fun thing to do for a girls’ night out and you’ll save moolah from not having to rush out and buy a new LBD.

Group travel

If you and your friends don’t live far away from each other, why not decide to travel in one car? This means you cut down on carbon emissions and it makes more sense on a practical level, too. It’s always a safer way to travel in groups and if most of the party members want to get intoxicated,  you can assign a designated driver who will be responsible for ferrying you all home by the end of the night.

Find an eco-friendly restaurant

There are many restaurants that carry an eco-friendly business mantra, so try to find one that offers you a green dining experience. If your favourite restaurant happens to fall short when it comes to green living, you can still adopt some eco-eating tips. For instance, make sure you don’t waste any food you order by getting takeaways at the end of your meal; when ordering food ask the waiter if what you want to eat is made with locally produced products; if you and your friends are meat eaters but you feel like trying something different, why not share a vegan dish? Such little adjustments when it comes to what you eat really go the distance to looking after Mother Earth. They are also kind to your pocket.

Is that wine in your glass kind to the earth?

If you and the girls want to let your hair down and paint the town hot pink, chances are alcohol is going to make a star appearance. But bear this in mind: when ordering wine, ask for local, organic brands. Organic wine is a healthier alternative because no chemicals, pesticides or herbicides have been used in the growing of grapes. We’re always told red wine does your heart good because it contains resveratrol, a polyphenol found in the skin of grapes, which protects the heart against diseases such as cancer and it’s also a natural anti-inflammatory. But when grape growing involves pesticides, that resveratrol is destroyed. The result? Bye-bye wine benefits. Organic wines, however, contain this beneficial polyphenol. Cheers to that!

Throw your own party

Clubbing is often not a very eco-friendly experience: just think of the excessive electricity used for lights and music that is required during a party at a nightclub. Instead of going club-hopping, why not host your own party at home? In this way, you can use some eco-friendly party tricks: you can cook up some delicious organic food for your guests and set up tables in the garden so you can enjoy the gorgeous night by soy candlelight instead of staring at strobe lights. Fun and friendly to the planet, that’s what an eco-friendly girls’ night is all about.

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