Eco-friendly hen party gifts

Written by: Giulia Simolo

Eco-friendly gifts really do keep on giving. Spoil your best mate on her kitchen tea with some gorgeous gifts that are not only fun but also good for the planet and her health. Here are some great ideas she’ll love and enjoy with her partner.

Made for memories

With your friend’s wedding coming up she’s going to have plenty of photos taken on the big day that she’ll cherish for a lifetime. So pre-empt her need for a pretty frame by buying her a special eco-friendly one that will be more unique than others she might already have. You can find great frames made out of bamboo at Sparkling Bride.

Light up her world

Every bride-to-be needs a few romantic gifts so that she can enjoy them with her husband once she’s married. Candles are always a must to set a romantic scene so buy her some non-toxic ones that are decorated with eco-friendly paints. Candles from Africa is worth checking out because they have some gorgeously decorated candles that you can order online (and therefore lower your carbon footprint while you shop!). See what they have on offer here.

Lovely undies

Lingerie is always a must at bachelorette parties, so don’t forget to stock up on some green ones for your friend. Organic lingerie is comfortable, looks great and is made from sustainable fibres and earth-friendly ingredients, such as 100% organic cotton. These are all important factors to bear in mind when choosing underwear since it’s the closest item of clothing to your skin. In other words: you want to ensure that what is making contact with your skin is pure. Check out Nyika for some cute finds that your friend will love.

Racy gifts

If you’d prefer to skip the cute, romantic gifts in favour of something racier, then how about some sexy eco-friendly sex toys for the newlyweds? There are many green sex toys and aids available these days, and you can even find eco-friendly lubricants, such as Waterslide personal lubricant that is a water-based formula free of parabens, glycerins and petroleums. As for sex toys, Bella Rougeis an upmarket sex shop that stocks eco-friendly goodies that every bride-to-be will enjoy. When choosing sex toys, bear in mind these eco-friendly rules:

  • Always focus on products that are made with quality ingredients. Such quality sex toys are usually made from medical grade silicone, which might not be completely biodegradable, but it’s a much better choice than choosing regular plastic and latex items that can be unhealthy for you and cause skin irritation.
  • High quality products also result in longevity, which means that you won’t have to replace them with new ones in a hurry.
  • When choosing toys that require batteries, try to find ones that are rechargeable. This means less batteries being thrown away and resulting in waste.


Delicious scented body treats are always a winner. What woman doesn’t like a bit of pampering in the form of luxurious massage oils that she can also enjoy with her partner? A great find is Mama Mio massage oil that is jam-packed with Omega-rich oils which are great for your skin, such as Jojoba, safflower and sweet almond. All the ingredients used are natural and good for you. Body lotions are also great when it comes to pampering, so treat your friend to some deliciously scented finds, such as earthnlove’s hand and body lotions. The citrus hand and body lotion has a delicious fresh scent and contains essential oils such as rosemary, grapefruit and lemon. The added bonus is that the scents are said to make one feel happy.

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