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Written by: Giulia Simolo

Eco-friendly makeup has been gaining popularity for some time, and there’s no doubting why – we all want to ensure that what we’re putting on our faces does no harm to our health. But we also want to look good and stay ahead of the latest cosmetic trends, so it’s good to know what’s hot in eco-friendly beauty.

Here are some trends to revolutionise your makeup box.

It’s not just what’s in the box

When you hear that your favourite makeup brand is eco-friendly, chances are you think of all the great benefits this will have for you, such as clearer skin and no risks of allergic reactions. But eco-friendly makeup is also ensuring that the environment is safer. For instance, when you toss out the packaging of your lipstick or foundation, you’re not going to be causing harm to the planet. Product packaging is an important consideration when it comes to eco-living, so make sure your pretty makeup comes in an eco-friendly form. A great example of a brand that strives to keep their products as green as possible (inside and out) is The Body Shop. When you purchase their organic, cruelty-free items, you are also ensured that they use recycled plastic for packaging.

Makeup: more than just prettiness

One of the trends that is occurring in the cosmetics world is that makeup brands are going back to their roots and taking a bigger stance when it comes to helping the world and ensuring that what’s going into their products is something wholesome for their consumers. Yves Rocher Foundation is an example of this. Its staff takes part in their eco-friendly farms, and the brand is dedicated to the environment. The foundation even goes further than simply ensuring eco-friendly makeup – last year for their 50th birthday they started a five year promise to plant 50 million trees. Yves Rocher, which is the number one chain of Beauty Institutes in Europe, is now available in South Africa, exclusively to Woolworths. The products are 100% paraben free, so they truly are an investment in your skin.

Bring on the colour!

Wearing bright colours is huge this season, so think out the box and don’t be afraid to add colour. Don’t assume that you can’t find bold and beautiful colours in “green” cosmetic lines, because you can. Just because eco-friendly products are touted as earthy, it doesn’t mean that you won’t find sumptuous, colourful cosmetics. Here are some great picks to try:

  • Inthusiasm’s Eye Enhancers in blue or aqua to brighten your eyes and make them dazzle. Inthusiasm´s mineral makeup is good for your skin and uses naturally extracted minerals that enhance your features.
  • Scotch Naturals is a brand that offers fun and funky nail varnish that is totally non toxic. The colour collection includes a gorgeous vibrant coral, a shimmering violet and a pink-red showstopper, to mention but a few. You can check out their collection here and order straight from the website.

Glowing skin

Fresh, healthy and radiant skin that is perfected with foundation is a big trend, so you want to ensure that your skin glows. What you want for this trend is moisturisers that work to keep your skin looking its best as well as foundations that offer coverage and glow. Go back to basics by ensuring that your skin is treated from beneath the surface with products such as Juice Beauty´s soothing serum that gives skin a healthy tone. It contains natural antioxidant-rich ingredients such as liquorice, Aloe Vera and raspberry juice that leaves skin looking gorgeously radiant. When it comes to foundation, a great earth-friendly option to try is RegimA Face It Natural foundation that offers great coverage for problem areas, is made from natural ingredients and gives skin luminosity. With such gorgeous skin, you now have no excuse to look and feel your best this summer.

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