Acquizhen: The perfect balance of nature and science

You need to try Acquizhen. I´m loving the fact that international eco beauty brands are springing up locally now. My latest new find is Acquizhen.

What´s with the name? Zen is a type of Buddhism which emphasises meditation and intuition. Those qualities of deep thought, peace and intuition are important components of the Acquizhen approach.

Acquizhen combines accurate science with the best of nature to create an innovation in skincare – effective, certified organic and sustainable products. Naturally sourced ingredients optimally formulated based on research at Derma-Research-Laboratories- Dr. med. Erich Schulte. Ingredients are harvested from organic or sustainable wild sources and a minimum of 99.20% of the active ingredients are derived from natural sources.

Last week I was treated to a facial at their Cape Town offices. Now if you read my last post about a recent facial I had, you´ll know it didn´t go to well, so I was slightly hesitant for this one. I was forewarned by Amy and Anel who work at Futurethis, distributors of Acquizhen in SA, that I may get some redness post facial.

The product is fabulous and fresh with all products across the range having a revitalising citrus scent. First my skin was cleansed and exfoliated and then I had my first experience with oxygen which is applied directly onto the skin. It feels like someone is blowing lightly onto your face and is extremely soothing and relaxing. The oxygen is used to stimulate the skin so once this part was over I was treated to Acquizhen´s rebalancing mask which relaxes your skin after the stimulation of the oxygen and draws out any impurities. I did experience a mild break out the next day, which is expected, so I wouldn’t recommend the mask the day of a special event, maybe a few days before. My skin felt soft, supple and it had a natural glow to it straight afterwards – Acquizhen definitely agrees with my sensitive skin.

Acquizhen is recommended for all skin types and helps with anti-ageing due to the anti-oxidants it contains. I love it because it´s natural and most importantly gentle on your skin. It is on the expensive side but a little goes a long way so if you apply it as directed you should only need to buy every couple of months – it´s definitely worth the spend.

You can also rest assured when you purchase an Acquizhen product you are making a committment to the environment and it´s people. Acquizhen has partnered with Trees for the Future and plants a tree for every product purchased and aim to pay their farmers and employees fairly.


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