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Vivienne Westwood Launches Eco-Charity Campaign for $1.63 Million

Dame Vivienne Westwood is no stranger to philanthropy. From supporting Peruvian Amazon preservation to traveling to Kenya to work on her Ethical Fashion Africa collection, the queen of British fashion is also a leader of compassion, known for going above and beyond for causes that she believes in. Her latest effort comes in the form of a personal £1 million ($1.63 million) investment to launch a fundraising campaign for Cool Earth – a rainforest preservation charity.

WWD reports that the “No Fun Being Extinct” campaign´s goal is to raise £7 million ($11.4 million) over the next 18 months to protect the Peruvian Amazon, the Congo and rainforest areas in Asia, and that “Westwood has already recruited some of her fashion chums, including Kate Moss, Lily Cole and Sadie Frost” to help.

Westwood has been a longtime supporter of Cool Earth´s community-led rainforest projects, so it was only a matter of time before she took her loyalty one step further. Given her influence in the fashion world and heavy roster of famous friends, we definitely expect this campaign to surpass its funding goal. Join the cause by making your donation here.



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