The Starke Effect: 2011 Wrap Up

Look what I found growing in the garden over the weekend!
It´s a butternut! Now the only way I can explain this is from my bokashi which I buried a few months ago, see that here. How hectic is this! I am super chuffed as I didn´t even think this was possible!

So in light of the butternut, I thought I would give you an update, the last of The Starke Effect for 2011. So my veggie patch has pretty much deceased sadly. During spring, the caterpillars annihilated most of the remaining cabbage and peas, those of you who follow us on twitter will have seen the pics. I have also had a problem with snails in the patch. But I haven´t lost hope and am hoping to head to Starke Ayres over the festive season to get some summer veg to plant and harvest. My pots were much more successful, see some pics below. I have especially loved having mint readily available for my water and G&T´s (very handy for the festive season) as well as the various herbs such as the thyme and basil. The nasturtium I transplanted into the garden and it is much happier there than in the pot and is starting to spread, it makes a wonderful groundcover. I also love my bulbine for its pretty flowers and because its sap be used to treat cold sores and other infections.






Tips for planting in pots:

  • place pots on bricks to help with drainage
  • make sure plants are getting enough sun or shade
  • water every second day in summer (check the soil if you are unsure how much water you should be giving)
  • feed plants
  • if you see bugs attacking your herbs or flowers, pop into the nursery to get tips on how to prevent pests, naturally

And look at my pelargonium



I am so proud of myself for resurrecting this sad looking plant.

For anyone thinking of embarking on a herb/veggie garden whether in pots or in the garden, just do it! It is so rewarding and easy. The feeling of not having to go to the grocery store to buy your greens is so gratifying, not to mention convenient. The Starke Ayres staff are knowledgeable and approachable so if you need any help or advice just ask.


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