Eat your way to gorgeous skin

You can use all the expensive face creams you want, but if you aren’t looking after your skin from the inside, you won’t achieve glowing and healthy looks.

Before your next grocery shopping trip, add these skin-savvy foods to your list:


Why? It has omega-3 fatty acids and Zinc.
What it does: Fatty acids and zinc give you smoother and clearer skin.
We’re often told about the benefits of adding fish to your diet, for instance because it is good for the brain, but you might not realise that fish is also good for the skin. Zinc prevents acne because it controls oil production in the skin and helps your skin produce new cells. Omega-3 fatty acids reduce dryness, blackheads, whiteheads and inflammation, all that can lead to problem skin or cause your face to age faster. Fatty acids are not created by the body so you have to incorporate them into your diet. If you don’t eat fish, you can get your fatty acids from flax seeds.

Citrus fruits

Why? They’re packed with Vitamin C.
What it does: It smoothes and tightens your skin.
Vitamin C is often found in beauty creams, so go to the source by adding some Vitamin C-rich fruits/vegetables to your diet. Vitamin C helps the body produce collagen so it prevents skin from becoming loose and saggy. If your skin is tightened, it will also be less prone to wrinkles. The benefits in Vitamin C don’t stop there: it also prevents free radical damage, such as the harm caused by being in the sun too much. There are many fruits that contain Vitamin C, such as such as tomatoes, oranges and grapefruits. As for vegetables, top up on broccoli and sprouts.

Eat your reds and greens

Why? They’ve got Vitamin A and beta-carotene
What it does: These two pack a punch in giving you skin that glows.
Doctors often speak about including lots of colour in your diet to make it healthier, such as red, yellow, green and orange foods. When it comes to skincare, your reds and greens are especially good for you. “Red” vegetables such as carrots and fruits like mangoes, watermelons and apricots contain beta-carotene. Beta-carotene is a good antioxidant, preventing cell damage and premature ageing. As for Vitamin A, it is used in acne medications so it definitely contains properties that prevent breakouts to keep your skin clear and beautiful. Green vegetables contain a lot of Vitamin A that produces skin cells and help give you youthful looks.


Why? They contain Vitamin E.
What it does: Vitamin E makes you look younger.
Vitamin E is also used in many skincare creams and that’s because it beats free radicals that can be ageing and it even reduces the appearance of wrinkles. This has the result of keeping skin soft and moist, and therefore more youthful. Nuts, especially almonds, are a great source of Vitamin E. If you want to go one step further, mix Vitamin E with Vitamin A as this can prevent the development of certain skin cancers.

Whole Grains

Why? They’ve got Rutin and B-vitamins.
What it does: Prepare for clear and moisturised skin.
Get to know your B-vitamins, that are found in whole grains, so that your skin can benefit from their goodness: Vitamin B1 is an antioxidant that helps the body get rid of toxins and it increases blood circulation, as does Vitamin B3. If your body is cleansed and your blood circulates better, this enhances the appearance of your skin. Vitamin B2 keeps your skin healthy and prevents acne. Rutin is also found in whole grains. It is an antioxidant that helps to maintain healthy collagen so that skin’s firmness and elasticity is enhanced.

Try to incorporate these power foods into your regular eating regime so that you can put your best face forward.


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