Stay cool without air con

When mid-summer rears its hot head, chances are you’re quick to reach for air con. But air conditioners use up a lot of energy and increase your carbon footprint. There are some more eco-friendly and cost-effective ways to stay chilled this summer.

Open your windows when it’s cool

If it’s a particularly hot day outside, opening the windows might just serve to bring the heat in instead of cool down your home. It’s a better idea to open the windows when the weather is cooler outside, so make this a habit. In this way, your house will be cool even when the weather outside warms up.

Shade hot windows

If you have some windows in your home that bring in the most sun, try to shield them with curtains during the hottest days. It’s also a good idea to install curtains of a light colour fabric that will reflect the heat.

Cut down your appliance use

You know how your kitchen feels hot after you’ve used the oven? Using appliances a lot can increase your home temperature, so only use what’s really necessary and don’t use appliances during the hottest part of the day if you can avoid it. Unplug appliances when they’re not in use because they stay hot.

Refresh your meals

Prepare cold meals during summer, such as fresh salads and iced smoothies, that will help to keep your body temperature down.

Use water to cool

When you’re suffering from the heat, dab your wrists in cold water and then place ice cubes wrapped in a face cloth against them. Because blood vessels in your wrists are close to the surface of the skin, your skin will cool down quicker.

Re-organise the garden

Prevent the heat from beating down on your house by placing plants and trees in specific points in your garden to offer you the most shade. In this way trees can help to decrease your home’s heat consumption, keeping you cool. Another idea is to install blinds that will provide a shield from the sun.

Lather on the mint

Using skin products that have mint as an ingredient help to cool down your skin and leave you feeling more refreshed. Store the lotion in the fridge where it will remain cold, thus providing even more refreshment. Try a product such as Water Mint and Orange Blossom hand cream from The Victorian Garden. It’s also a great nourishment for your skin. Check out Organic Choice.

Avoid alcohol and caffeine drinks

Both of these promote dehydration, so rather skip them in favour of refreshing water. You could even make your own delicious fruit juice that will keep you chilled.

Install a ceiling fan

Although ceiling fans use electricity, they use a lot less than air conditioners, even on a fast setting. Ceiling fans are great at moving air around in a room so they’ll keep you breezy. Make sure your fan is pushing air down as pushing air up will create a warm breeze.

Replace bulbs

Light bulbs can create a hotter atmosphere in your home, so change your incandescent bulbs with LED lights that use less energy. Also remember to turn off all lights when they’re not in use.

Change your fitness routine

When the weather is hot, chances are you feel more lethargic and the last thing you want is to work up a sweat in a running or cycling session. Change your fitness routine to help keep you cooler. For instance, swim a few laps in the pool instead of hitting the hot tar for a run, or you could put the sprinklers on in the garden when you do your exercise outside. Such tips will prevent the heat from getting in the way of your exercise routine.


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