Savvy skincare

Organic skincare is the way to go but that doesn’t mean you can blindly and confidently purchase green beauty products that catch your eye. There are some things to bear in mind when shopping for eco goodies.

Check the ingredients

Just because you’re buying an organic product, it doesn’t mean you can just toss it into your trolley without looking at the label. There are some so-called natural ingredients that find their way into organic products that you still wouldn’t want on your face, such as petroleum by-products like harmful preservatives. So keep an eye out for what’s really lurking in that tub.

Shorter lifespan

Since organic products contain natural ingredients and no preservatives, they often have shorter shelf lives. For instance, a foundation might last six months instead of a year. Always check the packaging so that you know how long you can use the product for before it expires. But don’t let the shorter lifespan put you off or make you think you’re not getting value for money – you can’t put a price on your skin’s health.

Scent sense

Organic products can be scented or unscented. When they’re scented, make sure the fragrances have natural ingredients. If the product is natural but what’s used to fragrance it isn’t then you could be using harmful ingredients on your skin.

Natural isn’t always better

Although organic makeup and skincare has many benefits, take your individual skin into consideration. If you have sensitive, acne or rosacea-prone skin, it can be irritated by plant and flower extracts so rather choose products that contain plant oils. These are gentler on the skin because they contain simple fatty acids.


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