Green love getaways

You don’t need to book yourselves into a lavish five-star hotel or jet-set to a wondrous location in order to make the most of Valentine’s Day this year. Here are some fun, practical eco-friendly ways you and your partner can grab that holiday feeling.

Turn your home into a romantic location

If you can’t leave your home for Valentine’s Day (perhaps because you don’t have the time or you can’t leave the kids), that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on a fabulous time. In actual fact, you don’t even need to leave your home in order to enjoy a wonderful getaway with your partner. Light some soy candles to create a romantic atmosphere, turn off the TV and laptops (so you’ll also be saving energy), put on some music (such as tracks that remind you of special moments in your relationship) and cook a delicious organic meal to share by candlelight. The important thing about spending a romantic evening together is that it’s based on quality time without any distractions, and you can certainly create that atmosphere at home.

Head outside

Nature is rejuvenating and can be romantic. So pack a picnic basket and take a stroll together to a park or botanical garden that’s within walking distance from your home – that means no nasty carbon footprints! Enjoy a picnic on the luscious green grass under the beautiful South African sun. You’ll be able to appreciate the splendour of nature that’s right outside your door and it will give you and your man a chance to bask in the relaxing feeling of nature and go back to that exciting feeling of being on a date.

Green spots in the city

The city is filled with pollution, carbon emissions, and stress. These things don’t really mesh well with the idea of a romantic getaway for Valentine’s Day, right? But you can find some beautiful and romantic places to visit that are also eco-friendly and right in your city so that you won’t have to require a lot of non-green travel to reach your destination. Here are some treasured finds:

  • In Johannesburg, visit The Peech hotel in Rosebank. Committed to a sustainable hotel stay that strives to make as small an impact as possible on the environment, The Peech is an eco-friendly hotel that makes a great location for a romantic getaway. The Garden Rooms overlook gorgeous gardens and have private patios so you can enjoy your public displays of affection without an audience.
  • In Kwazulu-Natal, see the Bellevue Guest Lodge that has an area of property which is a botanical park featuring over 200 indigenous tree species and a variety of habitats, such as forests and streams. The Lodge is a charming retreat that’s located in lush forest and spacious gardens, and it’s also in close proximity to sandy beaches. What’s more romantic than the gorgeousness of forests and beaches?
  • In Cape Town, The Mountain House is definitely worth checking out. It can be found against the slopes of Trappieskop mountain that offers amazing views of the ocean and golf course. It’s been designed with eco-savviness in mind, and your stay is sure to be peaceful and tranquil. It’s the perfect place to unwind with your partner.

Romantic activities

Sometimes doing something different together can be a great way to revive the spark and fun in a long-term relationship, so try out a fun eco-friendly activity that you can do for Valentine’s Day. Try your hand at a romantic and fun horse-riding session or go hiking. Step out of your comfort zone and try eco-friendly fly-fishing or start your own vegetable or flower garden at home! There are many things you can do to score that romantic holiday feeling, and make your love feel green and fun.

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