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Seeing as we’re (finally) starting to get over the massive expenditures of the December holiday, we thought it would be a good idea to fill everyone in on some of the new up and coming fashion trends to invest in. Not only do we have some of the hottest looks around, but we’ve also got a few DIY suggestions so that you won’t necessarily have to go out and buy all the new looks.

Detachable collars

Last year, detachable collars were more of a quirky accessory, but this year it’s an all the rage. It all started a few seasons ago when Miu Miu had models walking up and down the runway wearing bright, studded collars that weren’t attached to their shirts or dresses.  Today, fashionistas are wearing detachable collars in the same way you would wear a choker necklace (while it’s not yet an everyday look here in South Africa, it’s already widely adopted throughout the streets of Tokyo).

These collars usually fit into one of the following categories:

  • Normal men’s button-up shirts that are worn like chokers;
  • Scooped necked detachable collars;
  • Decorated, embellished, studded and fur detachable collars.

You can wear your detachable collar with anything from a cocktail dress to a strappy top. The scooped neck type of collar can even be worn over a sweater or a long-sleeved shirt.

How to make your own

If you’re into eco fashion and reducing, reusing and recycling, make your own detachable collar following these guidelines:

  • Option 1: Choose one of your or your man’s collared shirts (preferably one that can go ‘missing’ without drawing too much attention to yourself). Fold the collar in half and use a pin to mark the middle of the collar. Roughly trace the collar on a piece of paper and cut according to the lines so that you are left with two equal pieces of collar. Sew the collar around the edges (allow for a 2cm seam), then notch around the edges and cut the seam allowance down as needed. Iron, press and decorate as you see fit.
  • Option 2: Take one of your existing, slim fit collar shirts and use a glue gun to stick metal studs on your collar. You can make it more elaborate or create a toned-down version of this collar.

Poofy, big sleeves

Big, poofy sleeves are making a huge comeback. As usual, this trend isn’t new at all – it actually dates back to the 1820s when women wore what was called “gigot sleeves”, where the huge sleeve would start slightly of the shoulder and puffed out before narrowing again towards the lower arm. When these sleeves are worn in combination with a V-neck and a fuller skirt, it helps create the illusion of a narrower waist.

While one might initially think that these types of sleeves draw too much attention to your biceps, it can actually make you look more petite when worn correctly, drawing attention to your shoulders and neckline. This look is all over the fashion landscape and you don’t have to get the most extreme puffy sleeved top, you can also opt for a more laid back, informal and shorter puffy sleeve like this one at Buberry.

How to make your own puffy sleeves:

  • You’ll need two measurements: one of your armhole and the largest part of your arm where the puff will come together;
  • Create your pattern by starting with the straight sleeve and adding several cm’s where the puff will gather (for a small puff, add about seven cm’s and for a larger puff, add at least 14 cm’s);
  • Leave a few cm’s at the top of the sleeve for your shoulder, then sew a seam along the top of the seam for the gather. Sew the shoulder seam to connect the ends of the sleeve together;
  • Pull on the gathers and bunch the fabric together. Remember to leave a bit of room so the sleeve isn’t too tight;
  • Attach the sleeves to your dress or top.

Wear the right colours

Citrus brights are a popular colour combination this season. Bright oranges, lime greens, lemony yellow and tangerine colours are all over the pages of fashion magazines. The cool thing about this colour trend is that you don’t have to spend that much time thinking about colour-coordinating your outfit – just get a few almost-neon colours and mix and match as you see fit!

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