Miöja Magic

I have been trying out a bright (the packaging – which I love by the way), new eco beauty brand Mioja. Mioja skincare products are natural, organic and support community initiatives such as the Vukuzakhe Muthi Planters Project in Zululand, South Africa.

I have been using the Orange Range which I´m told energises and enlivens the skin. I´m especially loving the Wild Ginger Stimulating Mask. It´s a clay mask that has has been formulated to promote circulation and oxygenate skin cells, leaving your skin and your senses invigorated. Kaolin, with its electromagnetically charged particles, draws impurities from the surface layers of your skin, while African Wild Ginger wakes up skin cells, stimulating the movement of blood and lymph fluid to effectively detoxify at a deeper level.

It´s great for an instant pick me up after a long, hot day!

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