Get a fresh makeup look

Words by Giulia Simolo

If you’re always buying the same shade of lipstick and wearing the same eye shadow, don’t you think it’s time to brighten up your look and try something different? Luckily for you, eco-friendly makeup will freshen your look without the added chemicals.

Brush up your technique

The brushes you use when applying makeup really do make a big difference in how your makeup is applied and how it looks when it’s on your skin. Invest in some good brushes, such as the Jane Iredale foundation brush that gives great coverage and aids application to tricky parts of the face, such as the nose and inner eye. You can order this brush and others from Organic Emporium.

Less is more

Looking chic and sophisticated should be your style motto, so skip the fake lashes, ladies! Rather focus on accentuating your eyes with organic products. Inika eye shadows in soft greys, forest gold and earthy colours can be great as a background to your natural lashes because they will make your eyelashes appear more striking. The eyeshadow ingredients are also great for sensitive eyes. Team the shadow up with a natural and nourishing mascara such as Inika’s mineral mascara, which is a non-toxic, long-lasting and non-irritating blend. The combination of these two products will brighten eyes without you requiring too much makeup or time spent in front of the mirror.

Pay lip service

Forget the nude shades for a second. What about something bolder? Dare to try a bright lipstick for a change! It can be a perfect match for the natural trend (remember that you should either accentuate your eyes or lips – not both!). Lipstick is an easy way to make your makeup look more striking. What you want is an organic lipstick that won’t contain harmful ingredients such as lead, chemicals and preservatives. Inthusiasm has some gorgeous shades, from candy pinks to coppers and corals. The lipsticks are natural (Vitamin E and beeswax are some ingredients) and competitively priced. You can check out their range and order lipsticks here.


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