Going green and losing weight

For many people, going green isn’t a once-off decision – it’s a gradual process that takes time and commitment. Healthy weight control and health have always been important to people, but recently a higher emphasis has been placed on green living. People now realise that they can both live greener while still achieving a healthy weight and general health.

The green domino effect

You may think that concentrating on including green practices in your shopping patterns won’t have a big impact on other areas of your life. It may surprise you that the exact opposite is in fact true. It has been proven that people making green choices will eat better, exercise more, lose weight, save money and make a positive impact on their environment. This domino effect stems from the resulting healthy nature that derives from the decision to cut out wasteful and harmful foods, activities and patterns from one’s life.

Practical steps to going green and losing weight in the process

While in theory it may sound appealing to adopt green practices and wear the mantle of eco-friendly homosapien, putting it in action is a different story. There are practical ways you can contribute to a greener environment and lose weight in the process, such as in the following ways:

  • Driving less
  • Eating super foods (broccoli, apples and quinoa)
  • Steering clear of sugary colas, juices and flavoured coffees
  • Eating vegetarian meals
  • Volunteering and getting outside

DIY green living

Going green all the way does not need to be a schlep or a struggle of effort. If you have a bit of a green thumb you can go retro and grow your own vegetables, fruits and herbs. The minimal savings you will make by growing your own food rather than buying might seem inconsequential in the bigger picture, but the satisfaction achieved will encourage you to take your commitment to green living even further. Another way to take responsibility for a healthier diet and a healthier environment is to go vegetarian at least once a week to start off with. Cutting out red meat from your diet can further help shed those excess pounds.

Responsible green consumerism

Eco-conscious buying patterns will impact directly and indirectly on your diet – and thus your weight. There are many ways your green dollar can impact the manufacturing and marketing practices of companies. Many die-hard greenies refuse to buy excessively or unnecessarily packaged foods such as fruits and vegetables. Although it has been proven that that organically grown food may not be nutritionally superior, organic food is a lot better for the planet. This will also impact on your diet, making you more conscious of the way your food is grown and produced.

Planning a container garden

Another fantastic way to lose weight while being eco-responsible, planning your own container garden can be fun and rewarding. You will save money on buying greens and vegetables. Another benefit of growing your own container garden is the seasonal diet you will become accustomed to. Growing avocados in the winter and lettuce in the summer can make for exciting combinations of foods throughout the year that won’t become repetitive or predictable. If limited space is a factor then consider even only growing your own herbs that you can use with everything ranging from soups to eggs for added bursts of flavour without the need for heavy and fattening sauces.

Combining exercise with the outdoors

In your endeavour to lose weight as well as become more eco-friendly, you should start to develop a love for Mother Nature. Whether you are into jogging, yoga or walking, taking your workouts outdoors means that you will not have to rely on heated rooms, treadmills and other energy guzzling machinery at the gym. More importantly, though, spending time outside will motivate you even further when it comes to sticking to your environmental resolutions. You will start looking forward to the fresh air and the endorphin rush gained from your outdoor workouts. Buying a bike and substituting one day of car travel will have a direct and positive impact on the environment. It also affords you more exercise leading to a greater opportunity for shedding those pounds.

There are many ways you can improve health, maintain a healthy weight and feel good about yourself while improving and protecting the environment. All it requires is a conscientious effort and responsible consumerism.


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