Go Green Baby!

Planning an eco baby shower for your friend is a great way to be kind to the environment and ensure that even before her baby is born he or she is welcomed into the world with a smile.

Send out e-vites

Forget spending money on buying invitations that require the cutting down of trees for paper – rather send out e-mail invitations to guests. This doesn’t have to be tacky. E-vite has some great ideas for invitations and you can also track your guests’ RSVPs.

Reduce waste

It’s tempting to haul out the paper plates and cutlery, but these wind up in the bin and can’t be recycled because they’ve been contaminated by food. It’s a better bet to use drinking glasses, silverware and ceramic dishes for the party.

Re-think wrapping

Instead of using traditional wrapping paper for gifts, try to think out the box. Ask guests to wrap gifts in baby blankets that can form part of the gift, or pack the gift in a baby bag that will be reusable.

Creatively green

You don’t need expensive decorations to make the baby shower aesthetically pleasing. Use organic fruit stacked in bowls to bring colour and make the room pretty with flowers that you and guests can take away and enjoy. Another idea is to decorate with small potted plants or pots of flowers that you can bring in from your own garden. Be creative and fun by stringing a clothesline across an archway or door and pinning baby clothes and toys on it.

Earth mother

Speak to guests and organise a “green gift hamper” for the mom-to-be that will consist of fun eco-friendly gifts, such as eco-friendly nappies (check out Bamboo Baby) and baby skincare products. Eco Bambino, a Cape Town company, stocks eco-friendly products such as baby wet wipes and baby wax that prevents nappy rash. If you would like to buy a fun eco hamper instead of making one themselves, check out Faithful to Nature. They also have hampers especially for mom that are great for some TLC!


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