That’s the spirit! Green your wine collection

Did you know Africa is leading the way when it comes to eco-friendly wines and natural vegetation conservation in the wine lands? Let’s drink to that by choosing green wines!

At the bottom of every bottle

So you might be thinking: What benefits are there in green wines? For starters, the most important one is health. Grapes are a fruit that is one of the highest pesticide-filled produce. This can lead to illnesses down the line, so by choosing to drink an eco-friendly wine you’re putting something healthier in your body. The next important benefit of green wine is that you’re doing your bit to show support for sustainable and pesticide-farming.

Sulphur sensitivity

A concern with regular wines is that they contain sulphur dioxide. This can cause headaches known as ‘sulfite’ headaches, especially in those who are allergic to the ingredient. Although it’s a bit of a misconception to think that all organic wines will be sulphur-free, there is a much lower amount of sulphur present in organic wines.

Beautiful bottles

When buying an organic wine, keep an eye out for the Biodiversity & Wine Initiative label. This label contains the image of a sugar bird on a Protea and tells you that the wine has been endorsed as being in accordance with BWI’s conservation requirements. So you can buy it in confidence.

Check out the following links for some delicious organic wines:

  1. Waverley Hills: These organic wines have a deliciously smooth texture with divine ingredients such as tannins and fynbos; or apricots, baked biscuits and grapefruit. You can order wines that tickle your taste buds directly from their website.
  2. Woolworths stocks a selection of organic wines, so check out their organic goodies on their website. Whether you fancy a sauvignon blanc or organic shiraz, you’ll find it there.
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