Scheckters Organic Energy – the world´s first 100% natural & organic energy drink

Scheckters Organic Energy is a beverage with a difference – where most energy drinks contain artificial ingredients and have been said to cause health problems, Organic Energy is made from 100% Organic ingredients and gets it’s ‘buzz’ from completely natural ingredients.

Toby Scheckter, son of the F1 driver legend Jody Scheckter, discovered this gap in the market during his own racing days – with his fast paced lifestyle, he thought that there must surely be a healthy alternative to those synthetic, taurine-infused energy drinks available on the market. Inspired by his father’s organic farm, Laverstoke based in the UK where he grew up, Toby decided to take the initiative and create the ideal all-natural energy drink himself.

Raw coffee beans, guarana and gingko biloba are among the natural ingredients that give energy to the consumer – releasing slower and lasting longer than other commercial energy drinks – and the delicious taste is due to a combination of pomegranate, elderflower and lemon. Fairtrade certified and vegetarian-approved, this drink really is a perfect alternative for those greenies on the run.

Having launched his product in South Africa last year, Toby is now in the United States to promote OrganicEnergy out there. This natural energy beverage has been doing very well in the UK and there are plans to distribute in India, Russia, Brazil and Australia in the near future as well.

‘We are certainly the David versus Goliath story,’ says Toby. ‘But we believe that OrganicEnergy will continue to grow and thrive.’

Scheckter’s Organic Energy is available at many health food shops or can be found at Woolworths, Kauai, Virgin Active Gyms and certain Engen garages.

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