Heated Stone Massage at Cayenne Spa (Pepper Club Hotel)

Making my way from the luxurious Pepper Club reception area up to the Cayenne Spa, I was greeted by the lovely Rezette who would be giving me my treatment that afternoon. I had heard of the Hot Stone massage technique before and was curious to try it out. We discussed any back tension I may be experiencing and I was assured that the stones would not be hot enough to burn my skin (as I had feared).

Lights dim and gentle music cascading, I lay on the massage table, slightly apprehensive of what was to come. A number of stones were soon placed on my spine, their warmth and weight lending a pleasant sensation. As Rezette began a deep tissue massage, I caught a scent of pepper and raspberry – both essential oils that help enhance circulation.

Muscles relaxing and toxins releasing, I was soon transported to a place of no thoughts, only sensory joy. Time seemed to slow down, and I could feel all the stress of the last few months just melting away: bliss. When the massage was over I was treated to a glass of cool water, a strawberry added for a sweet fresh taste.

I would definitely do this again!

A Heated Stone Massage at Cayenne Spa will cost you R610 and take 75 minutes, although it is suggested you arrive 15 minutes before your treatment to complete the consultation form.

To book email spamanager@pepperclub.co.za or call 021 812 8812. Website: www.pepperclub.co.za

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