5 ways to bring nature into your home

Nature is invigorating and cleansing. That’s why we get the urge to go for a walk under the sun when experiencing a bad mood or head outdoors after a stressful day. Cultivate nature’s power in your home with these green décor tips.

Add some colour

Paint can really transform your living space. Try to add colour to walls (white is so last decade!) that are soft and remind you of the outdoors. Think natural browns and emerald greens, for instance. You can paint one wall in a room instead of all four if you want a more subtle approach. Choose eco paints that are non-toxic, such as Self Coat. It offers up to seven years of vibrant colour and paints are easy to clean.


As with an outfit, the accessories in a room are what bring it to life. If a few accessories are striking enough, the rest of the room can remain simple. Seed chandeliers are an eye-catching addition to any room. They’re made with Jacaranda seedpods, glass beads and a metal frame. The labour process involved in making them creates employment opportunities, and no power or machinery is involved. Check out The African Queen Studio for more info on these handmade gems.

Fab flooring

Cork flooring brings a bit of a rustic feel to your home and it’s versatile thanks to its low maintenance. Use it in rooms with high traffic, such as the kitchen, because it’s easy to clean and very durable. Check out Envirocork for more info on cork flooring and other cork products.

Plant it

One of the easiest ways to green your living space is to have flower pots and plants in your home. You can have potted flowers on your bookshelves, in the bathroom or on coffee tables. Make sure the flowers you choose are bright and colourful so you’ll feel like you’re outside in a beautiful garden.

Let the light shine

Another simple way to feel more connected to nature when you’re indoors is to make sure your home has as much natural lighting as possible. Tie back curtains during the day to let as much sunlight in; use mirrors or furniture that have mirror or chrome accents to reflect light; and try to use light fabrics, such as organic cotton, to make a room feel breezy.

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