Safety First!

Now this is a hero product for me as I am a slight germ-o-phob! Plus living with three big dogs I am forever getting my hands dirty and am not always near soap and a basin. So when this sample landed on my desk I was thrilled as now I can sanitise without wasting another precious resource, water.

It is no secret that the Live Eco team loves The Body Shop and they´ve recently launched these travel size hand cleanse gels. The gels are suitable for all skin types and contain no triclosan as this is prohibited for use in The Body Shop products due to its impact on the aquatic environment. The gels are available in the following fragrances: Sweet Lemon, Pink Grapefruit, Satsuma, Coconut, Mango and Strawberry.

Once rubbed in the product is thoroughly absorbed into the skin leaving hands feeling soft and smelling fresh.

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