Kuga Spotting

I recently got to test out the new Ford Kuga for a week – far too short a time for such a gem of a SUV!

In short, the Kuga is amazing. It´s ticks all the boxes when it comes to driveability,  mod cons and luxurious detail. With a convenient luggage compartment in the boot, back seats that fold completely flat and a panoramic sunroof – lets not forget the sunroof, it made the car for me – it´s the perfect family car!

This car is perfect for women who are trying to tackle a million things at once whilst driving (like me!) as you can program the car to do practically everything via voice command – even turn on the air con! Now that´s smart technology for you! And if you´re a guy or just enjoy putting foot once in a while, you can switch the gearbox over to sport mode which then has a tiptronic transmission so you can change gears manually.

What did I love:

  • Loads of luggage space (including hidden space under the back seats)
  • Lots of leg room for the driver
  • Rear park assist (beeps when you get to close to objects)
  • Panoramic sunroof
  • Kinetic design
  • Amazing SONY sound system
  • Heated, leather seats
  • Tray tables on the back of the front seats
  • Card holders on the console

The only “cons” I had with the Kuga is that to open the bonnet you have to use a key there is no lever you can pull to open it from inside the car, which would become a bit of a hack at the garage as well as the sunglasses holder is a bit snug and could not accommodate my oversized sunnies! Also in terms of fuel economy this petrol automatic is unfortunately quite heavy on fuel. So personally I would wait until the diesel or manual models become available.

Regardless, the Kuga is a fabulous car to drive and considering I am in the market for a SUV currently, it´s definitely made it to my short list. Click here to book a test drive.

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