How to make your own cushion covers

This sewing project is great for beginners. Not only will you feel a great amount of pride once completed, but you will also have a pretty addition to your home interior!

Know thy Sewing Machine

It is very important that you understand your sewing machine to avoid any frustration, helping to make sewing a pleasant experience.  If you do not have a machine, don’t worry – cushion covers can also easily be sewn by hard, although this will require more time and patience.

Fabrics, buttons and things

Choose the kind of colour and pattern that will coordinate nicely with the area of the house you would like to place the cushions. Stiffer fabrics are easier to work with and are also more durable. You can also use old clothes for this project.

Use a cotton thread that matches the colour of the fabric you are using, unless you want the stitching to show – which can be funky too! Bear in mind how you want to close your cushion covers – there are many ways including ‘envelope’ (overlapping sections that allow you to slip the cushion inside), zipper, buttons or even ribbon ties. Research and decide on this before starting.

Sew easy!

Cut the fabric according to the size and shape of your pillow. Remember to leave a couple of centimetres along each edge to allow for a hem. Also bear in mind the curvature of the cushion will mean fabric cut-outs will not be in a perfect square shape.

Pin the pieces of fabrics together neatly, with the patterned sides of the fabric kissing; it is important that you sew the cushion cover inside out, so that the stitched hems of the finished product will be out of sight.

You are now ready to begin sewing. Try a regular straight stitch, or any other stitch that is sure to not come loose in the wash. To end a row of stitching securely, allow the needle to sew in the same spot for a couple of seconds. Cut off any loose threads and complete with the closing style of your choice.




A fun finish

With little effort, anything from lace, ribbon and crochet to embroidery, sequins or beads can be added to your finished cushion cover. Most of all trust your instincts – this is quite a simple project so do not worry too much about following the rules. The time is now to be creative!

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