Bellabaci treatment at Suntra Spa

The cupping therapy technique, popular amongst celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, originated in China 3 500 years ago and was used to open the 5 meridians on the back to allow the ‘Chi’ (life energy) to flow more freely. Originally done using heated glass cups to create a vacuum on the surface of the skin, nowadays silicone suction cups are used by practitioners. While the negative pressure created by these ‘cups’ is said to help pull harmful toxins from the body, they are also meant to loosen adhesions, lift the connective tissue and bring blood flow to stagnant muscles. I was keen to try this alternative treatment myself…

Arriving at the Suntra Spa in the nick of time, I filled in my consultation form and made my way into the dimly lit room. Lying on the heated massage table I was instantly relaxed, but still unsure what to expect of the treatment. Being massaged is always nice, but what of the cups? It was strange at first, but once you got used to the sensation it was almost unnoticeable and even quite pleasant. My masseuse, Abigail, incorporated the movement of the suction cups across my skin with the deep tissue massage. It felt as if my skin was being pulled and pushed at the same time, gently kneading away all of my worries. I could almost feel my entire body being detoxified by those magic little suction cups.

When the treatment was over, I felt like I was walking on a little cloud for hours. Although I was warned that this treatment way leave marks on my skin, they were very faint and only lasted about a day. If you would like to try out this treatment yourself, I recommend that you take it easy for the rest of the day, as this treatment can make you feel very drowsy afterwards.

Bellabaci Massage – R620 for 75 minutes

Contact the Suntra Spa at the 15 on Orange Hotel in Cape Town on or 021 469 8063

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