Common eco beauty mistakes

Your makeup bag is overflowing with natural gems, but are you sure you’re not committing eco mistakes? When getting your green on, there is more to consider than what ingredients are in that fresh new lipstick.

Here’s how to polish up your organic beauty.

Eco error: The product says it’s natural… so it’s good, right?

Not necessarily. Natural products are usually made with plants, minerals or algae. However, a lot of them will still make use of preservatives or synthetic chemicals, so scrutinise their ingredients list and research them to know exactly what is in the product that’s going to wind up on your face. Remember that up to 60% of what you put on your skin is absorbed!

Eco error: The product has loads of packaging

You might be satisfied with what’s inside the product, but don’t forget to look at its packaging! Where is all that excess plastic going to go? That’s right – in the bin, and then it will wind up in landfills. Try to buy products that are not only green on the inside but on the outside, too. Many eco products are focused on ensuring their inner and outer greenness work in unison, but you can still do your bit to guarantee eco-friendliness. Think about how the bottles can be re-used and if they’re biodegradable, for instance. This will result in less waste and it’s much more eco-friendly.

So what are some of the best packaging types?

  • Glass scores top points because it’s non-porous and will therefore increase the lifespan of a product by keeping it dry and air-free. It’s also recyclable.
  • Aluminum tubes are a good choice because they can be recycled.

One type of makeup packaging that scores lower on the eco-friendly scale are open jars that require you to apply the skincare or lip balm with your fingers. Not only does this transfer bacteria from your finger into the product but the product is continuously exposed to air that can decrease its lifespan.

Eco error: You rely on eco products to treat your skin completely

Although it’s great to put healthy lotions and products on your skin, your green skincare shouldn’t stop there. There are other factors to keep in mind when you’re striving to achieve gorgeous skin. You can’t solely rely on organic items to work miracles if you’re not looking after your skin even before you swipe on a new moisturiser.

Pay more attention to your lifestyle. Eat more fruits, such as berries for their antioxidants and cucumbers which are great for adding hydration to the skin. Stay out of the sun but if you’re under the rays make sure you’re always topped up with great sunscreen protection. Get enough exercise to increase circulation and sweat out toxins. All of these tips will work with your green skincare to give you all-round beauty.

Eco error: Natural means safe

It’s a common misconception to think that natural ingredients won’t harm your skin, but this is along the same lines as using herbal instead of traditional medicine – there’s always a chance of experiencing an adverse effect. This is why you have to take into consideration your skin’s condition and any allergies you suffer. For instance, an organic cleanser that contains papaya might be eco-friendly and good for most people but if you’re allergic to papaya then it’s not a good idea to use the product as it could irritate your skin. Always tailor your green makeup and skincare to your skin’s needs and unique situations. The bottom line is that no matter how eco-friendly a product is, it’s got to be right for your skin if you want to benefit from it.

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