Get a hot date this winter!

Is dating really tougher when the cold months approach? Okay, sometimes we single girls would rather cuddle up with hot chocolate and Jude Law on the screen than venture out into the cold to socialise.

Then of course, there’s always the predicament of not being able to flaunt your stuff in a short LBD for fear of getting frostbite. But who says love can’t warm you up this winter? Just because you feel like going into hibernation, it doesn’t mean your single life has to hit the brakes.

Here are some fun eco-friendly tips to get more dates this winter:

Let the sun shine

The weather’s on your side. No, really. Even though it’s colder, we’re blessed with gorgeous sunny South African weather, so get out there! Who knows who you might bump into starting a fun new sport at your nearest club or rounding up some friends in the area and going for a jog? Many men are into sports, no matter the weather, so you might meet some new ones. Playing sports outside is also a great way to work off that comfort food and get exercise while being eco-friendly because you’re not using electricity to power up machines at the gym.

Turn on the love

If you don’t feel much like socialising, stay in but don’t waste your evenings in front of your television. Power up your computer and trawl through some internet dating sites. Many are free and a lot of the people using such sites are just browsing, so you’ll fit right in with the casual atmosphere. With everyone going digital these days, finding love online is no longer the domain of the geeky or desperate: it’s become a viable way to meet someone new, whether that means a boyfriend or friend. Take it one step further and visit Eco Dater – a global online dating site that brings green-minded people together.

Be an eco date swisher

Have an eco party at your home, but instead of inviting friends over to swap clothing in the traditional sense of swishing, get every friend to bring a new friend! You never know who you might meet and the best part is there won’t be any strangers at the party because everyone will know someone. This is also a much more eco-friendly way to interact with new people rather than going out to a conventional venue that doesn’t adopt green habits.

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