Eco is Chic with Asos Africa

Another stellar collection from ASOS, this time from their diffusion brand, ASOS Africa. After giving fashion bloggers and editors a glimpse late last year, the collection is finally available to buy online. Affordable chic, prices range from €30 – €70 and for every item purchased, £5 will be donated to African communities, which will fund local resources and ethical projects. Inspired by African culture, ASOS´s latest collection works for the African communities it is inspired by.

While the collection is tailored to meet current trends, it also takes from its namesake. With luxe fabrics and rich patterns and colours, the collection embodies the intensity and beauty of traditional African tribal patterns. Basics are the underlying staples of this collection, in that an ordinary tailored pant is taken and embellished with the overriding pattern that will become synonymous with ASOS Africa 2012. ASOS has even managed to embrace neon and sports luxe with its Mombasa Dress. According to ASOS, the entire collection has a sports luxe, slouchy feel. For while glorious patterns are central to the collection, the pieces are streamlined and clean, as seen with flowing shirts and one midi dress that is destined to be a sell-out. After going live on Monday, items such as the Reversible Print Jacket and the Giraffe Print shirt have already sold out. Soon to be re-stocked it´s hoped.

There are two veritable appeals to ASOS´s Africa collection. Aside from the fact that the pieces are gorgeous, on-trend and reasonably affordable, they are also charitable and ethical. Sustainable fashion being one of fashion´s most talked about concepts of late. With the inception of ethically-conscious brands such as Edun – pioneered by Ali Hewson, Bono´s other half – earning prominent fashion week slots, ethically-conscious has arisen has become fashionable. Sustainable fashion was a key look during Awards Season this year, as Livia Firth and Michelle Williams wore bespoke gowns from H&M´s Green Carpet Challenge. Indeed the Green Carpet Challenge, wherein Livia vowed to wear only eco-friendly gowns to all Awards Ceremonies, was founded by her and journalist Lucy Siegle in 2009.

As to ASOS Africa and its influence already, it has been featured widely in the media, no more so than in the May 7 issue of Grazia UK. In a feature dedicated entirely to ethical fashion and its overall appeal, the question is asked, “Can Ethical Fashion ever be chic?”. I think we´ve answered that one.




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