Earth Artist: Book Review

Earth Artist is perfect introductory reading for those interested in leading a greener lifestyle.

A practical guide to holistic gardening, eating and living, Earth Artist seems to answer the question on everybody’s minds right now: how to we adjust to better suit our world?

Join the author Jenny Louw on a journey of self-discovery, whose own personal experience as a landscape designer led to a deep reverence for nature’s mysteries.

A heart-felt book filled with positive and practical solutions to the many environmental challenges of late, Earth Artist teaches how we can live more in harmony with the world around us. Many common desires are addressed in this book – things like peace of mind, keeping a family healthy, food security – and it is with a kind tone that Jenny urges us to slow down a little and literally smell the roses.

Working with rather than against nature’s wild ways, Jenny Louw’s unique approach to landscape designing includes techniques such as permaculture, crop rotation and even biodynamic methods. Her own garden in Constantia is so huge and stunning that it recently featured in the Cape Argus and it is in this book, Earth Artist, that Jenny shares many of her gardening secrets.

Amongst other things, Earth Artist is about listening to your intuition and learning to love oneself. Using her own life and lessons as reference, Jenny describes her own internal philosophy that embraces elements such as simplicity and self-sustainability. Having explored many different alternative ways of living, read how Jenny found a way to balance many confusing ideologies.

With an emphasis on wholesome foods, Earth Artist also contains a number of delicious recipes; including how to make bread, sauces and pasta from scratch! Jenny talks about the challenge of finding the right diet to suit your body and ethics, concluding that health is one of the most important aspects in our lives and that it deserves careful attention. Drool over the idea of picking fresh vegetables straight from the garden, which is the kind of life Earth Artistry promotes.

Filled with photographs of Jenny’s own stunning garden and printed in plant inks on fibre-based paper, Earth Artist is a delight to the touch as well as the conscience. Click here to buy the book (R240). Keep an eye out on our events section for upcoming talks and events by Jenny Louw.

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