Beauty with Heart

If you have not seen the banners on the site or if you have but haven´t clicked to find out more, let me tell you about the Body Shop´s latest product range and new manifesto, Beauty with Heart.

The new beautifying oils come in 7 new flavours* and allow you to look good, feel good and do good to as the Moringa oil is sourced from community fair trade. The formula also contains two other precious nut oils: Kakui and sweet almond. My favourite flavour is the Moringa oil. You can apply to your face, body and hair so you´ll be looking gorgeous and smelling great from top to toe for up to 8 hours. Take it from me, the scent really does linger all day and with it´s dry oil texture you will feel silky smooth and not greasy and sticky.

The beautifying oils are now available in store so go check them out and while you´re there enjoy the new pulse store and TBS´s new Beauty with Heart advocate, Lily Cole. There is lots more to come still in 2012 from the TBS brand, we´ll keep you posted!

*Only Shea, Moringa and Olive Beautifying Oil currently in stock.

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