Heat up your home

There’s no doubt that we are influenced by our surroundings. If the cold months make you feel down, boost your emotional wellbeing by splashing some warm décor into your home.

Texture adds a touch

Fabrics and patterns go a long way to make rooms feel inviting and warm. Scatter some cushions on couches or benches to add some brightness and lure attention. Check out Meekel to view a range of eco-friendly cushions that are proudly South African. You can choose designs from rosy flowers to vintage patterns that will make your home look and feel more appealing.

Blend colours

The right colour can banish a bad mood and make you feel good! If you’re not too colour confident when it comes to décor, bear in mind that even a tinge of new colour can make a difference in upgrading your room from cold to cozy. Work with what you’ve already got. For instance, if you have a blue-grey colour on your bedroom walls, keep it but add a touch of coral to the room (such as in the form of fresh flowers). Such clever blends of colour finish off a look and make a room spring to life.

Give your home a personality

Bring your family’s personality into your home. There’s nothing colder than a home that looks like it was copied straight from a décor magazine. Infuse individualistic elements taken from your family’s life to make your space feel and look warmer. Let your kids decorate your fridge with school or art projects, keep that vintage furniture that goes back a few generations or frame family pictures that are memories frozen in time. All these ideas cost nothing, are eco-friendly and give your home a character makeover.

Fabulous flooring

Tiling is a popular type of flooring but it not only makes you feel cold – it really does suck the heat out of a room. Place some eco-friendly rugs or carpets in your home to seal in the heat. Seagrass rugs come in neutral colours with tones of green and brown. Not only do they look earthy but they’re eco-friendly. Seagrass is impermeable, which means it cannot be dyed, so the rugs remain a neutral colour and don’t require harmful dyes or chemicals. Seagrass is also water resistant, so you can place the rugs in any area of your home that is accustomed to spills or dirt. Check out Rebtex, a company offering natural alternatives to flooring products, for eco-friendly seagrass rugs that will give your home a warm rustic feel.


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