WOW – Cape Town’s first 100% Organic spa

Kloof Street has a new gem in the form of a progressive beauty spa that uses only organic certified products. As well as the usual facials, manicures and massages, WOW spa specialise in unique treatments such as organic waxing, natural teeth whitening and a foot treatment involving fish!

‘South Africa is going Green, but currently lacks the structure,’ trills spa-owner Dominique Cook in her charming French accent.

Together with business partner Ludovic Berthelon, WOW – acronym for Ways Of Wellness – opened its doors for the first time November last year.

While they do stock local brand Esse, the majority of the products used at the spa are currently imported; a conundrum Dominique is a little torn over. But she claims that finding a good quality organic and natural body product in SA is not so easy.

‘Certification of organic products can be difficult and expensive,’ she sympathises. ‘Plus it is hard to establish yourself as a brand when you are competing with those multi-million dollar corporations who have big budgets to splash out on advertising.’

Dominique has learned that there are many politics in the cosmetic industry, for example you are more likely to receive a magazine ‘beauty buy’ award for your product if you buy advertising space!

‘We are popular with a lot of foreigners, but I think locals are still getting used to the concept,’ says Dominique.

Borrowing from Parisian trend, their unusual ‘no appointment’ policy is certainly something to get your head around. There is also the misconception that ‘organic’ means expensive – but WOW spa offers shorter, less pricey treatments than your average Cape Town spa!

My courtesy Face Mask Peel was amazing. It was great being able to relax in the knowledge that my sensitive skin would not become irritated by toxic chemicals. The deeply hydrating argan oil (made from a type of nut found in Mauritius) in the Issahra products felt incredible on my skin and left me practically glowing. I plan on returning soon!

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