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At the end of a busy day, you get home, open the door and what do you see? Does your space make you feel relaxed and energetic, or tired and zapped of energy? If the latter is causing you to feel low, here’s how to achieve a home that exudes wellness and good vibes. The key: simplicity.

Use shelves to organise

Shelves in a room can be a great place for storage. They also prevent clutter. But be creative with your shelves. Use them as a place for pretty travel mementos, candles, vases, photo frames and special gifts that you like to see whenever you walk into a room. In this way shelves can provide organisation as well as eye-catching appeal.

Freecycle to free up your space

Simplicity means that everything in your home has a use. Sometimes the use can be offering the eye beauty; other times it’s about practicality. Whatever the case, try to clear your space of furniture and things that do not achieve these two goals. Try freecycling things you don’t need: this involves giving them to people who want them, donating them to a charity or trying to use them in new ways. This prevents items from cluttering your space or winding up in landfills.

What happens in this room?

Think about what activities occur in each room, but don’t be limited by them. Jennifer Ford Berry, author of Organize Now! A Week-by-Week Guide to Simplify Your Space and Your Life (North Light Books) says that you don’t need to be limited by what happens in a room. Rather, you can change a room’s function to serve your family’s requirements. For instance, the study could be turned into a play room or entertainment room. Organise the room according to what you and your family need so that you make good use of it.

Simple = easy to clean

If you are cleared of clutter and only have what you need in your space, it makes your home easier to clean. This saves you time and energy, making you feel rejuvenated when you enter a room. Berry states that clutter steals 50% of storage space, making it a much more difficult task to clean a room and find things when you need them. Make it a rule that anything you don’t use on a weekly basis should be stored away instead of left outside in the open.

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