Can Green Sex Improve Your Relationship?

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There’s been some buzz about how eco-friendly sex is good for the environment. But what does it do for you and your relationship? How do you benefit as a couple?

It’s about health

Green sex means being more conscious about what goes on in the bedroom so that you avoid harming the planet. But from the start, it benefits you by ensuring a healthy and safer intimacy. It means that you don’t use products (such as sex toys or massage oils) that contain harmful chemicals or ingredients which can be dangerous to your health.

Your relationship scores too

Of course, if you’re in a committed relationship sex is more than just having fun in the (bamboo) sheets. It’s about connecting, enriching your relationship and bonding.

It puts you on the same page

Committing to a cause as a couple can strengthen your relationship because you both feel that you’re on the same path. Choosing a greener sex life could cause you and your partner to feel closer because you’re both doing something good for the environment and yourselves. As the saying goes, ‘To love is not to look at each other, but to look together in the same direction.’

It spices things up

Let’s be honest: every now and then a bit of novelty in the bedroom can work wonders. So suggest bringing in some fun eco-friendly items into the bedroom, such as green sex toys or delicious organic massage oils. It will be something new to try together, which will add to the fun. When choosing eco-friendly sex toys, opt for ones made from glass, metal, silicone or elastomers. Stay away from toys containing phthalates as these can be damaging to liver, hormone and kidney functions.

It brings you back to something special

Eco romance starts outside of the bedroom, so broaden your mind. Green ideas for quality time with your partner can include delicious home-cooked meals or picnics instead of eating out at non-green restaurants; hitting the power and enjoying a candlelit dinner; going for walks together instead of driving to meet each other; and so on. Such eco tips take you back to basics to help you enjoy real quality time that means something special. And remember: a good connection outside of the bedroom translates into great sex.

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Can Green Sex Improve Your Relationship?

There’s been some buzz about how eco-friendly sex is good for the...
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