Where To Find Green Sports Gear

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If working out and looking after the environment goes hand in hand for you, it might frustrate you when you can’t find green sports gear in a flash. But sometimes you need to dig a little deeper. The internet is a great place to start your search.

If you’re searching for eco-friendly sports gear locally, you’re in for quite a battle. Google searches will point you to some manufacturers, but quite a few are promotional companies that produce eco gear for schools and companies, with not many providing goods for individual consumers. It seems that although there has been an increase in eco-friendly sports gear worldwide, on a local level you’ll find it easier to locate sporting equipment rather than green gear to wear when you workout.

However, sometimes eco gear can be found in places that you wouldn’t necessarily expect. Some great places to look for eco gear, both internationally and locally, include:


The line contains sustainable, organic yoga, active wear, shorts, pants, bra tops, workout tops, halters, tunics, after-workout tops and long hoodies. Simplicity is key, with the apparel avoiding prints, unnecessary stitch work and spangles. Rather, you’ll find classic lines, colours and minimalist design so that you feel comfortable while you work up a sweat. Although the brand is produced and designed in Los Angeles, it costs only $10 to have your clothing purchases shipped outside of the United States. With the benefit of online shopping, shipping internationally sourced gear is easy as pie. Check out this website to find out more about this eco-friendly range.


The cool thing about this brand is that it is proud to have collaborated with WWF, specifically WWF’s Southern African Sustainable Initiative (SASSI). Billabong has a range of clothing that can double up as workout wear, made from eco-friendly fabrics so that our environmental resources are conserved. The range includes shorts, t-shirts and boardshorts. The t-shirts are made from organically-grown thread, prints used on t-shirts are made from water-based inks and the boardshorts contain fabric made from recycled plastic soda bottles! Check out this link for more info: How are Billabong products eco-friendly?

Earth Child

At first glance, you might think Earth Child only sells children’s clothing, but there are men’s and women’s clothing to be found. Some of it can also double up for when you need to hit the gym. Such findings include leggings, hoodies and yoga pants. Earth Child is committed to a philosophy of creating natural clothing that works in harmony with nature. 100% organic cotton is used in the clothing production as much as possible. One of the greatest inspirations for the brand design is the Earth itself, so clothing is beautiful, comfortable and comes in earthy tones. You can see the clothing and purchase goods on the Earthchild website.

Eyako Green

You can also find some bits and bobs that will green your workout gear at E’yako Green, a site that features corporate gifts and clothing. If you take a longer look at the website, you’ll see that they stock some great workout accessories, such as golf bags; sporty lip balm that’s packed with SPF and can clip onto your bag, sun glasses or belt; as well as 100% cotton t-shirts that will always come handy during your workouts. Check out their website for more information.

Sometimes you don’t need to purchase any new items. There are ways to make your current gym gear eco-friendly. Here are some tips:

  1. Keep what you have in good condition so that it will last longer than a season of working out. This makes your clothes more sustainable and prevents you from having to buy new gear or throw out your current ones.
  2. Think of your clothes in creative ways. You don’t need gear that’s specifically produced as workout clothing, unless of course you’re playing a sport that requires specific gear. For regular workouts, dance classes and jogging, recycle what you already have in your wardrobe. Those plain strappy tops or tees can definitely be worn to the gym, as can beach shorts and well-fitting track pants.
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