Eco Fashion Shows at NYFW Spring 2013

eco fashion at NYFW 2013

New York Fashion Week Spring 2013 is exploding with eco passion and earth friendly designs.

The designers we know and love have brilliantly reached a new level of design by creatively incorporating eco-materials and sustainable production methods to produce stylish chic clothing lines.

Whether the designer is Costello Tagliapietra who uses the revolutionary Air Dye technology or Maria Patmos who uses Zero-Waste Seamless Knitting technology. Both designers are actively exploring production tools, which help reduce environmental impacts. Compared to conventional dyeing practices, Air Dye technology reduces water use and limits the pollution of heavy metals. Zero-Waste Seamless Knitting technology reduces energy use and costs by limiting the number of required machines, while at the same time using less yarn and fabrics. What is amazing about both these techniques is they both provide superior products. Fabric dye coloring that last longer and seamless garments that are softer, more ventilating, and structurally supporting.

Designers like John Patrick and Titania Inglis have focused on using all-natural, organic, and sustainable fabrics. Both these designers are pushing the boundaries of material use so that there is a healthy relationship between fashion and raw resources such as cotton. In the words of John Patrick, “The collection is not body conscious, but conscious of the body.” The heavy use of pesticides for cotton agriculture can impose body health concerns for those residing in agriculture regions and for those who wear the chemically altered materials. John Patrick’s mindset is consciously helping consumers be body and health preemptive. gretchen jones NYFW 2013 Designers Jeremy Scott, Billy Reid, and Samantha Pleet have used geographic landscapes, colors, and animals of the natural world as inspiration. Jeremy Scott’s inspiration came from the Middle East, while Billy Reid incorporated the gulf’s native brown pelican.

Last but not least, Samantha Pleet took New York on a historic time travel to ancient societies of the Fertile Crescent. The designers of 2013 remind us again, why we should never forget the intrinsic value artists gain from exploring the natural environment and its creative personality.

This year’s New York Fashion Week has gone green in its dynamic approach in ‘Trending Lightly.’ As a 22 year old female I respect the efforts of the industry and designers because they are demonstrating what it means to be stewards. I leave asking a question. I am curious to know if people agree with me when I say this year’s NYFW has been successful at its approach to be eco responsible?

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