Eco-Friendly Sex Tips to Get His Attention in the Bedroom

eco-friendly sex tips

You’ve been dating for a long time and your fun, exciting sex life seems to have hit a bit of a slump. Tap into your creative eco-friendly spirit to re-ignite the love, with these eco-friendly sex tips.

Pull the plug

You can’t connect with your partner and be creative in the bedroom if gadgets are always zapping your energy levels and stealing your attention. Before you enter your bedroom, hit the switch on your laptop, iPhone or personal computer so that you won’t be disturbed. This makes for a more relaxed setting and romance that won’t continuously be interrupted by beeps.  

Take it back

Remember that spontaneity and fun you used to feel before life became so stressful? Try to rekindle that first romance kind of feeling. Best of all, no expensive holiday resorts are required. Surprise your partner with a picnic on the bedroom floor or enjoy a candlelit dinner under the stars: your own kind of camping trip, right in your garden. Just remember to use eco-friendly candles made from biodegradable soybean oil. Chatter and food makes for a great introduction to romance.

Eco toys

Sometimes sex the way you’ve been doing it for a while can feel tedious, so add some excitement in the form of eco-friendly sex toys. Check out Cucumber that offers some fun and interesting green toys that are kind to the earth as well as you: there are latex-free and hypoallergenic products available. Suggest using the toys to your partner. If he’s sceptical about trying them out, start him out slowly on something basic without too many frills.

Boost your bedroom’s sexiness

Your environment can help to enhance your mood, so work towards a more romantic bedroom atmosphere that appeals to the senses. This can be achieved with candles, ambient music and eco-friendly bedding. Lure your partner to try out a comfortable, luxurious wool duvet such as that from Sneeuberg. These pure wool duvets are eco-friendly, being sustainable and biodegradable, and they’re perfect for snuggling up together.

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