Eco Friendly Tech Gadgets for Men

Searching for the perfect gift for the man in your life? Consider something that is the perfect combination of technologically advanced and environmentally friendly with these new gadgets. As technology companies are being pressured to create more eco-friendly products, more advanced devices that can help you save energy and save money on your monthly bills are being released. Here are some of the newest eco-friendly tech gadgets that men are sure to love:

Nokia’s mobile phone charger kit powered by bicycle

Now you can charge your mobile phone while riding your bike. The Nokia kit attaches to the bike and as you pedal, your phone is charged. The kit has a few special features, including FM radio and a flashlight. Get some exercise and power up your mobile at the same time!

Nest Smart Thermostat

How many times have you heard your man complain about the monthly air conditioning or heating bill? The Nest Smart Thermostat can cut your monthly costs by up to 50% by learning your personal heating and cooling schedule and automatically adjusting to the proper settings when you’re not home. Now you won’t have to worry about remembering to adjust the thermostat before you leave the house.

Solar camera strap

Want to power your camera battery while walking around outside? With a solar camera strap it’s possible — this strap contains solar films that harness the sun’s energy. Instead of having to plug your camera battery into a wall charger and wait for several hours while it powers up, keep your camera charged while enjoying the great outdoors.

Ultrapower Recharge Mower

This battery powered lawn mower eliminates the need for gas guzzling mowers that give off pollution and is perfect for the man who keeps a fastidious lawn care routine. This mower’s battery can run for over 45 minutes at a time and is completely cordless. Just plug the battery in for a few hours and the eco-friendly mower is ready to use!

Tech gadgets don’t have to be massive energy consumers anymore. With the development of these eco-friendly devices you can have access to the latest technologies while reducing your carbon footprint at the same time and not to mention, lower your monthly energy costs. Techies are certain to love these eco-friendly gadgets!

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